For more than 12 years, our outsourcing services are designed to help client’ businesses to focus on their strategic objectives and transform all the employees daily’s activity in an more efficient experience, with the help of technology and HR tools.

Over 3.000.000 hours of services / year

More than 1.500 employees in our outsourcing teams

Dedicated teams
Multi-client teams
Permanent projects

general services

Recruitment and

– Shortlisting & interviewing

– Enrollment & onboarding


– Fleet management

– ITC management

Digital HR and payroll processing (custom internal app, RPA tools)

– Processing all of the employments personal data, after validating CNP, IBAN and mobile numbers

– Checking banking details and tracing payments to prevent fraud and to ensure fair job treatment

– Employees management

– Attendance timesheet; payroll & salary taxes


– Using KPI’s to identify and recognize top performers via internal soft